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With our hands, we express our hearts

from within

what do you do with your soul?
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When we die, we lose 21 ounces. With that, we leave our bodies.
Scientists still haven't figured it out. they've come to the conclusion that the 21 ounces must be your soul.

what do you do with your 21 ounces?
how are you original?

this community is all about our souls, finding ourselves. need advice? want to share a work of art or a poem that you like? that you wrote?


1.Be respectful to everyone in the community
2.Don't steal anyone's work, or use it for anything without permission
3.What is said in the community stays in the community. (you can x-post your own things)
4.Keep everything friends only
5.big pictures or story entrees should be behind a cut
6.be yourself.

Shine for me

EDIT: i'm not changing the communitie's name. but it's 21 grams, not 21 ounces. sorry people.

I can't over stress the importance that this is a SAFE ZONE!!!