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Hello i am new here
My name is Kara Lee
i am / or will be 16
i write poetry
i love Art and Music.
i live in New York and Hate it
I am gay
i am very sportive and fun
and i hope to meet alot of cool interesting people here

example i guess of my poetry


an unknown amount of beings know me outside of this place.
but do they really know me?
the real me.
does anyone.
do i?
can i parish now and come back to let free the true me.
can only karma tell.
bad karma good!
to reincarnate into a beautiful ugly.
a wonderful white prancing pony in the free of the country
or a caterpillar trapped in the wrap of a dieing butterfly.
come back to a world of peace
or another world of hate.
to expand my wings of beauty and
run my ground or
to leave my tail trapped in the mouth of the cat
but does this world mean enough to stay
enough to keep me trapped
and try to let lose in this way
live my good evil here
no questions about what it means
the answers are me.
yet they ask their questions.
that there are no answers to.
and only an unknown amount know me beyond this place.
maybe not the true me, the dying rapture in the tree of life.
the one that dies a little more every day.
from the worthless treatment
the unnourished land that which the lives tries to live from.
in the end does karma weigh out good.
what is my reincarnation.
something happier then now
the blue wind under the wings of the eagle.
where the sun shines always.
and runs free from the shadows of the leaders.
to live our own.
the trees, the animals, the humans.
me and you and time.
all in the change of season.

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