-:- Lacey -:- (lacey_080790) wrote in 21ounces,
-:- Lacey -:-

OKAY!!! I havn't updated in a loooong time, I've been busy, and grounded... fun..

HUGE update!! I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!! Her name is Rebecca, she's 14 and she lives like 20 min away. She's soooo amazing, and we have been going out since 1/29, I love her more than anything, and I think this relationship will last a long time.

Here are some pix of her

I'm gonna take more pix of her later tho, when I get to see her next. Which won't be for 2 or 3 weeks cause I'm grounded, but I left some stuff over at her house last weekend, so she now has a reason to stop by. Yay!! anywho, just thought I would let everyone know.

*Just as long as were together...
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